Consortium In Concert


D1 - Please describe how the GP communicated its experience and success to the public
The promotion of its activities is done towards the high quality of the services offered that creates an important network of contacts.

D2 - Please describe how the GP communicated with local or national decision makers?
The Consortium worked in collaboration with the Public Administration. It made an agreement with Public Authorities that was reached in a way that rehabilitation was the responsibility of the State and the work would have been obtained comparing the market.

D3 - Are there any elements of this project that you think would transfer particularly well to other contexts?
The variety of activities carried out by the consortium and their socio-business optic are all transferable in other context like example of the enhancement of social enterprises. A special feature can be considered that, since 2006, the Consortium In Concerto adopts the proposal of L 'Incontro for the establishment of a "Solidarity Fund Consortium" means internal financial aid to cooperatives, with the aim of financing projects to safeguard the work , through moments of corporate crises and promote new employment opportunities. In each concrete socio-worker pay ten cents for each hour of work (every year more than one million hours worked in the consortium). To manage the fund has been constituted a Committee of Presidents of the member cooperatives, also participate in the fund, with an annual contribution, including the towns of Castelfranco Veneto and Vedelago and the Cooperative Credit Bank of Treviso. The money collected is given away to the cooperatives as needed and in the form of loan or equity capital. In recent years they have been collected, and invested nearly 700 thousand. Here our social intelligence manifests itself in the "front" of the In Concert, when workers are self-taxing, to help each other in case of need, the actual meaning of mutuality appears in all its evidence.

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