Rio Terà dei Pensieri


A1 - Title in original language:

A2 - Title in English:

A3 - Location of GP (national)

A4 - Location of GP (regional)

A5 - Economic field of activity
C Manufacturing

A6 - Ultimate purpose of GP

  • To address legal or financial exclusion
  • To improve social cohesion/inclusion
  • To create or conserve employment

A7 - Spatial scale

A8a - Start date

A8b - Anticipated end date (if applicable)

A9 - Short description of the GP
The Rio Terà dei Pensieri cooperative was founded by a group of volunteers to offer to people in jail an alternative to the cell, aiming mainly at their re-socialization by using the resources represented by volunteering. Over time, the activities have been developed with particular focalization on training and employment, considering them the main tools nowadays to make the users more responsible and to enhance their social inclusion. Rio Terà is a particular local reality. Using several activities of employment, it creates many oppurtunity for the detenees to learn a job and to realize themselves and also to create a sort of responsability of a life in law. In that way, when the prisoners finish the detention, they can enter in the society with a different awareness and a good degree of rehabilitation. The GP wants, as future objective, increases its market relationship to become more independent in its activities and to win its financial resources.

A10 - Key words relating to the GP
Create responsability
Specific projects

A11 - Objectives of the GP
The objectives of the GP are focalized in the training and employment of the prisoners with the goal of providing an opportunity for prisoners to learn a job and to create in them the responsability of a life in law. The GP works with specific projects (see section below) and, for the future, wants to strenghten the online sales network and to increase the sale of cosmetic product in the hotel sector.

A12 - Activities that have taken place
"L'orto delle meraviglie" (the garden of wonders) where they produce a bio-plantation, cosmetic laboratory, graphic paging and screen printing, leather industry, glass cutting for mosaics.

A13 - Achievements of the GP
The GP achieve a small business setting, even with respect to the educational value with people in prison. The operators of the cooperative improved the responsability of the prisoners using precise rules.

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