Project Network ... in Sweden

In Östergötland there are several actors in the current support structure for WISEs; Coompanion, Serus, Kooptjänst, Kooptima and Se Upp. Coompanions focus is to provide free of charge advisory services to companies in the cooperative sector. SERUS is a cooperative with broad international and national contacts. SERUS can assist businesses in civil society and the social economy. It works with a broad focus in order to assist the authorities as well as organizations and businesses with a variety of services. This may involve developing projects, develop and implement ideas to target audiences, but it's also about business intelligence and lobbying activities. Kooperativtjänst K ekonomisk förening (Kooptjänst)  is a social enterprise which offers resources in start up phase as well as the can take care of a project's administration and management as well as giving hands on financial support towards its members. Kooptjänst consists of 8 local units, several areas of business and 110 employees. They are looking for an organizational form that combines the small cooperative advantages with the recourses of the Consortium.  Kooptima as a cooperative with several units focuses on people with disabilities and they are striving to expand by embrasing good buisnessideas which promotes job opportunities to disablede people.  Se Upp - social economy partnerships in Östergötland - is a non-profit organization formed to support non-profit organizations such as cooperatives, economic and non-profit organizations and social enterprises. The purpose of Se upp is to be the coordinating actor at regional level that promotes the social economy.