PBN, as regional business development organization, aims at strengthening the economic performance of small and medium sized businesses in the western Hungarian region. It intends to be the dedicated partner for foreign direct investors, furthermore, operates in partnership with the regional economic and labour organizations.

Additional task of PBN is to map the opportunities of our founders – with priority to clusters and industrial parks – and to contribute to the reinforcement of their operation. It also supports the local adaptation of best practices, based on his international network.

PBN is further assisting the economy development of Western Hungary by strengthening international relations and analysis of international practices. In order to realize our objectives PBN is actively participating in 21 international, European Union funded projects with research and business development organizations.

Business services

  • Development concepts – development concept for the city of Nagykanizsa, preparation of action plans with the involvement of local players. Based on the integrated program projects were elaborated and submitted.
  • Feasibility study – business incubator for the city of Zalaegerszeg, with the integration of entrepreneurs and local opinion-leaders.
  • Accreditation of clusters – for the Ministry of National Development preparation of the cluster accreditation program proposal which was built into the national development plan.
  • Qualification system for the clusters – preparation of a self-qualification system in partnership with each cluster and network from our region. It was adapted to Austrian, Italian and Serbian environments.
  • Accreditation of innovation-transfer institutions – study prepared for the National Development Ministry, which shows the measurement of professional performance of innovation-bridging organizations on a national level.
  • Business innovation benchmarking database – the comparative innovation database of 850 European and 100 regional enterprises, based on companies comparing their performance with their competitors from other areas or sectors.
  • Regional economic survey – survey of 200 regional domestic small and medium sized companies, providing forecast for the coming 6-month period and evaluation of the previous half-year. The survey is done with the involvement of clusters and industrial parks.