The Veneto Region with its Industry and Craft department acts as Lead Partner in the MESSE project. It will use all its experience in the field of supporting SMEs, innovation process and promoting socially responsible economic development to make the project successful.

By using the tools provided by regional laws and the new Community Planning – Regional Operative Plan (ROP) 2007-2013, the Department of Industry and Craft coordinates actions that promote female and youth entrepreneurship through the implementation of measures to boost creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship business for both the development for economic growth and the employment. The department also promotes the consolidation and the strengthening of the Venetian Industrial Cooperative System and SME’s developmental processes and business continuity.

Totally in synergy with that, the Veneto Region acts in the first line with the “Veneto Cooperative Social Responsibility Project”, created in 2006 and renewed until 2013, which includes many activities for the promotion and training on culture and principles of corporate social responsibility. The aim of this initiative is to make enterprises protagonists in the relationship within civil society and to enhance the cooperation and synergies between enterprises and public authorities.

The Department is also actively involved in many European projects financed by the European Structural Fund and made possible by several Operatives Programmes such as Interreg IV, Alpine Space, South East Europe, Central Europe and Med. This international experience has given to the Department the chance to support entrepreneurship with a 360° perspective.

Some of the expected benefits from Leading the MESSE project are the following:  the networks created and the exchange of best practices could improve the existing regional initiatives and boost entrepreneurship and innovation in respect of the Corporate Social Responsibility which means to start to consider ethics and business,  two aspects integrated into business management.  Moreover, interregional cooperation instead of small scale initiatives on these delicate issues will improve regional development policies for economic and qualitative growth of social enterprises and bring evidence based on policy making.

The Veneto Region involvement in the ESN (European Social Network) and ENSA (European network of Social Authorities) will certainly contribute in reaching positive results within the MESSE project.

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Mr. Michele PELLOSO
Director of the Regional Industry and Craft department