Study Visit in West Pannon region – 11th October 2012

The 2nd study visit took place in a small Hungarian village in Ivánc. The hosting partner, Pannon Business Network Association transferred the partnership to the location right after the steering committee. Mrs. Annamária Varga, director of the institute welcomed the MESSE partnership and introduced the staff who will guide the group during the visit. The director introduced the organisation for the audience. The institution is located in Vas County, in the disadvantaged micro-regions Őriszentpéter. It operates on the family estate of Earl Antal Sigray. The residents are cared in the buildings under conservation supervision on the 13 hectares protected park with old trees. The type of the institute is integrated - providing nursing care, long-term residential institution for mentally handicapped persons and elderly care, furthermore for mentally handicapped persons living at home care. The scope of the operation: the whole territory of Vas County related to care of adult persons with intellectual disabilities as well as elderly persons. The institution takes care of 195 persons with intellectual disabilities (14% with slightly disabilities; 69% medium disabilities; 16% severe disabilities; 3% multiple disabilities). The social employment was started at the institute in 2006. The employment principles of its social activities keep in mind the human values, right to work, economy and efficiency: „Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; but if you teach to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." /Chinese Proverb/ They elaborated those kind of employment opportunities which allow for the residents to work on their own capacity and capability with the maintenance of their self-assessment.

After the visit of the premises of the Vas County Specialized Home in Ivánc, the representative of the Őrség National Park made a short presentation. The speaker gave a short presentation about the natural resources and unique characteristics of the area.

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The MESSE study visit video in Hungary